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One of my most favorite topics to discuss in the Google Bootcamp classes I teach is search engine optimization (SEO).  Some see the world of SEO as a “black magic” realm where there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors that are used to give the appearance of doing something important to get a site to perform well within the search engines.  While I can’t answer for everyone that offers SEO as a service, I can tell you that, if done correctly, SEO can greatly benefit your Web site’s performance within the engines.  There’s a lot that goes into the world of SEO and that is something that I’ll discuss in a future blog post on this site.  But today, I want to focus on an equally important topic: how search engines work.

Last week, Matt Cutts, the head of the Web spam team at Google, delivered a talk in a video on this very topic.  And rather than try to re-create what he discussed, I believe it worthwhile to embed his video here for you to see:

So, you ask, “how is this helpful to me?”  Let’s turn that around with a few questions:

  1. How well-structured is your site to be crawled by Googlebot (Google’s search engine crawler)?
  2. Are you including key information about your site within your meta data?
  3. Do you have a backlinking strategy?  If so, are you actively managing it?

The answers to these basic questions help us quickly assess whether or not your site is ready to talk to the search engines, which is the foundation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  If you’re having trouble providing clear answers to these questions, then your site may not be reaching as many people as it could.  And that’s where your Web site is hampering the growth of your business.

All is Not Lost!
If your site is a little behind the curve in being able to be properly indexed by the search engines I don’t want you to leave feeling that your site (and your business) are forever doomed to failure.  There are some basic tactical elements that can be undertaken to begin to turn the situation around.  At Dijital Farm, we are more than happy to discuss your site and search engine visibility issues with you and help you develop a plan to turn the situation around.  Contact us to find out how you can get started today!  We’d love to help you grow your digital footprint and truly put your Web site to work for you!