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On Monday of this week Google announced the beta test of a new advertising option called Google +Post ads. +Post ads combine the power of Google Plus posts from business pages on the social media platform with the Google Display Network (GDN) inside Google AdWords. In short, a business can turn a post on its business page into an engaging ad that has the potential to be shown on Web sites around the Web that are part of GDN. The move generated a lot of excitement among Google Plus users. But the big winners: businesses that use GDN.

Introducing Google +Post Ads

Why Google +Post Ads is a Big Deal

For now, the Google +Post ad option is only available to Toyota and Cadbury. The tool is in beta and Google wants to work out the kinks. But if the beta is successful, it won’t be long before the option is rolled out to all users. As I considered this announcement, I saw three reasons I believe Google +Post ads is a really big deal:

  1. No more waiting for your audience to join and find you on Google Plus. I’ve been saying for a while now that businesses need to develop their presence on Google Plus for a wide variety of reasons, not the least of which is the chance to engage their target audience through tools like Hangouts on Air and to impact organic search results. But a common complaint from marketers and business owners I’ve heard from is that they don’t feel their audience is on Google Plus. With Google +Post ads, businesses will now be able to take their Google Plus presence directly to their audience. Think about that for a minute: no more waiting for them to join Google Plus. You can go to the Web sites they are spending time today. And you still get to use the great tools available in Google Plus like Hangouts, comments and content sharing.
  2. It further strengthens the Google Display Network on Google AdWords. The Google Display Network is already a powerful tool. Many businesses are just now discovering the power of this images-based advertising network. It allows a business to reach its target audience on thousands of Web sites using contextual targeting of the content. In short, you can place your ad right next to words/phrases you want to target on specific Web sites. With Google +Post ads, you’ll be able to make that ad even more engaging by allowing someone to chat with you. That’s a pretty good purchase for a few bucks a click!
  3. It allows Google to monetize Google Plus without chunking it up with ads. My colleague Mark Traphagen has long predicted that Google Plus will remain ad free. In fact, he quickly reminded me of this on Monday when I first shared the announcement. And this is a good thing for users. Let’s face it, no one really likes having their social media experience clogged up with ads. But companies, like Google, survive on advertising dollars. Google +Post ads offers Google a chance to make money from Google Plus without directly impacting Google Plus users. That will create for a far different experience than most social networks (i.e. Facebook) are providing today for their users.


Google +Post ads has the potential to provide a big turning point in the relationship between Google Plus and businesses. I’m eager to see how quickly this option is released from beta and made available to a wider audience. Once it is opened up for larger participation, I believe you’ll quickly see a flood of new businesses setting up shop on Google Plus to take advantage of the engagement opportunity +Post ads will bring. So if you’re a marketer or a business owner, the question to you is: are you ready to make the most of Google Plus? If not, you could quickly be left behind by your competitors.

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Jon Parks is the President and Lead Dijital Strategist of Dijital Farm, based in Raleigh, NC. In his role at Dijital Farm, Jon helps clients create digital marketing strategies focused on their business goals. His specialties include digital marketing strategy, social media strategy, Google AdWords campaigns and search engine optimization. Jon is also an instructor for ASPE-ROI where he teaches the Social Media Bootcamp, Google Online marketing Bootcamp, Mastering Google AdWords and the Social Media for Sales Teams classes. Connect with Jon on Google PlusTwitterLinkedIn, by email or by phone at (919) 901-0485.