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LinkedIn is widely considered to be the “business” social media network.  And while I believe all social networks have a business application, LinkedIn is truly an ideal platform for many businesses on the Web today, particularly those in the Business-to-Business (B2B) space.  But LinkedIn company page overviewLinkedIn, like most social networks these days, is not content to rest on its laurels.  They are continually pushing the boundaries to make it more useful to all types of businesses.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at a business’s vital weapon on LinkedIn: the Company Page.


The New LinkedIn Company Page Design

A Revamped Company Page
A few months ago, LinkedIn announced the release of a new design for its “Company Page” product (see example on the right).  The company page  is the the LinkedIn “home” for companies and organizations within the LinkedIn platform.  It’s long been a solid feature, but the latest design changes are designed to make it easier (and more desirable  for companies to have a strong presence on LinkedIn).

A More Appealing Design
One of the first things you notice about the new Company Page is that it is visually more appealing than its predecessor.  Following the trend of Facebook, LinkedIn introduced a new cover photo that resides at the top of the page.  This is your chance to show off your company’s visual style and create a memorable impression on visitors to your page.  The dimensions for the new photo are quite large.  Photos must be at least 646 pixels wide by 220 pixels in height).  TIP: For best results, consider a horizontal/landscape-style image that spotlights your logo or a recognizable image associated with your company.

Products and Services
The products and services tab, which was a part of the previous company page design as well, is a great way to list the items that you sell.  No matter whether you sell insurance policies, commercial fences or provide consulting services to a variety of clients, this tab allows you to describe in detail what you provide and who the key contact person is within your organization for that product or service.  TIP: Consider creating a video that highlights the features of your product or service, upload it to YouTube and embed it into your products and services pages.

Posting Status Updates
LinkedIn would like its users to spend more time inside its platform.  One of the ways they are encouraging this behavior is by allowing individual users to “follow” companies to receive their status updates with useful knowledge and information (note: are you following Dijital Farm on LinkedIn?  If not, follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest on social media and digital marketing).  Connecting with current

Add the LinkedIn follow button to your Web site to connect with potential customers

The LinkedIn “follow” button for company pages.

customers and those interested in your company on LinkedIn via the “Follow” button helps you build rapport and familiarity with your audience and keeps your company on the forefront when they are in the market for the services you provide.  TIP: Be sure to add the LinkedIn “Follow” button to your Web site to make it even easier for your contacts to follow you on LinkedIn.

One of the biggest growth areas for LinkedIn this year has been on the advertising front.  Using LinkedIn’s hyper-targeted advertising options, it is now possible to display an ad (text, image or video) to specific types of individuals on the LinkedIn platform.  For example, want to reach out to Senior-level executives within specific companies?  You can do that in the new LinkedIn ad platform.  And the best part is that LinkedIn ads run on the cost-per-click model, which means that you only pay for the clicks your ad receives.  TIP: Consider using LinkedIn ads to promote a specific service that you offer and target your audience through the use of personas.

LinkedIn is an incredible social media platform that can help businesses of all types and sizes expand their reach and find new customers.  By updating your existing LinkedIn Company Page (or creating it for the first time) to use the new design, you’ll not only get a strong visual presence on LinkedIn, but you’ll achieve a stronger Digital Footprint as well.

Questions about the new LinkedIn Company Page?  Want to know more about how you can get started? Contact Dijital Farm today at (919) 901-0485 and let us help you create a LinkedIn Company Page that will make you beam with satisfaction!