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In a recent blog post for SearchEngineLand.com, Stephanie Hobbs provided a wealth of data to show just how rapidly the local search market is growing (local searches are the results where small business can gain the greatest visibility) .  As you can see below in the Dijital Farm Report “Graphic of the Week,” the more devices someone owns (desktop, mobile, iPad/tablet, etc.), the greater the number of local searches they perform:

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

If the volume of local searches increases with the number of devices that an individual owns, that means there are more people conducting searches for the products and services your business offers.  So the key question here is what are you doing to position your Web site to perform well in local searches?  Have you defined your local markets?  Do you know the audience you’re trying to reach?  Have you optimized your site so that you’ve given it the best chance to compete to be seen in those search results?  Do you have a mobile version of your Web site ready to meet customer needs?  If the answer is no, you may be missing out on a lot of business opportunities.

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