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Pinterest, launched in March, 2010, is a social network that has taken the Web by storm.  The popular platform allows users to “pin” images that they find on the Web to a collection of “boards” within their Pinterest account.  These pins can be shared with others (re-pinning), commented on and liked.  Additionally, other Pinterest users can “follow” your boards, thus allowing you to build up a network of contacts within Pinterest.  Three years after the initial launch, Pinterest remains very popular with women, which make up an estimated 80% of its 12 million users.

While it is tempting to dismiss Pinterest as a “digital scrapbook,” there are some businesses that stand to benefit from the platform by merely participating and following the conversations taking place within the network.

How To Tell if Pinterest is Right for Your Business

  1. Pinterest is an ideal fit for businesses in the retail, fashion, home & garden, travel or craft and hobbies markets.  Each of these areas has a strong visual element to it.  Fashion retailers promote the latest designs through outstanding photography.  Home and garden retailers use photos to paint a picture of what your home or yard can look like.  If your business is in one of these areas, you need to establish a presence on Pinterest.
  2. Pinterest is useful if your target audience is predominantly female.  As noted above, 80% of Pinterest’s user base is female.  If your products and services are focused on women, Pinterest could be the hangout of your next customer.
  3. Pinterest is great at driving traffic to your ecommerce site.  Because Pinterest is a collection of photos taken from Web sites, each of those photos can include a link back to the site it was taken from.  If you have an ecommerce element to your site make certain that the individual product pages have strong photography so that the link can drive viewers back to your site where they can purchase that item.  Bonus tip: Pinterest is great at driving traffic to all kind of sites, not just ecommerce sites.  Check your Web analytics to see if Pinterest is showing as a referral source of traffic.

Pinterest is young, but growing.  If your business fits any or all of the descriptions above, I strongly recommend that you setup a business account on Pinterest and begin by listening to what others are saying.  Search within the site for your company or products as you’ll be surprised by what turns up.  If you find an active audience, consider getting involved in the conversation, but do so by merely contributing items to share.  A heavy-handed, sales-first approach will not work in Pinterest.

Interested in learning more about whether or not Pinterest is right for your business? Contact Dijital Farm today and we’ll examine it with you and help you develop a gameplan to capitalize on this powerful social network.