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Social media can be a powerful tool for any business, but it is having a tremendous influence on the annual holiday sales season, and “Black Friday” in particular.  In our “infographic of the week,” the researchers over at Mr Youth took a look at the numbers to show us just what kind of an impact social media had on retailer’s bottom lines.  The results are pretty interesting.  Items of note include:

  • 66% of those that purchased items on “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” did so as the result of a social media interaction (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
  • Recommendations from social media users are two times more likely to lead to a holiday gift purchase

What are the implications for your business?  If you’re in a consumer-oriented business, you need a solid social media strategy so you can connect with and influence your customers.  And even if you’re not in a retail space, social media can still help you with connecting to your customers and building a community (see post: Social Media Strategy for B2B Companies).

Social Media Impact on Black Friday Cyber Monday

Infographic courtesy of MrYouth.