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Today, I was privileged to have one of my blog posts published on Marketing Pilgrim.  The post, titled “Can We Hit the Reset Button on Google Plus?” focuses on changing the way we view Google Plus, how we use it and why the comparisons to Facebook are unfounded.  Here’s the lead-in to the post and a link to read the full version:

We’ve now lived with Google Plus for a little more than a year and I want to ask an important question: can we hit a big “reset” button on Google Plus? I don’t mean on the social network itself, but rather the way we, as marketers, think about and approach the platform.  READ MORE.


I’ve spent a lot of time with Google Plus the past few months and I like what I see.  More importantly, I like what businesses of all sizes can gain from Google Plus.  Want to know more?  Contact Dijital Farm todaycircle me on Google Plus, follow me on Twitter (and Dijital Farm, too!) and LinkedIn and Like us on Facebook.