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This week’s Dijital Farm graphic of the week comes to us by way of the team over at MarketingProfs, which notes that a recent study by NM Incite and Neilsen show that the mobile Web and mobile apps are fueling the growth of social media in the US and it shows up in the amount of time that individuals are spending on social networks.  Consider the following graphic from the report:

time spent social media networks in united states

Chart courtesy of MarketingProfs.com. Click here to view the full article.


This chart, which is shown in billions of minutes, shows that in 2012, social network users spent 32.7 billion more minutes on the networks than they did in 2011.  That’s a fairly significant change any way you measure it!

So, you may ask: “how does this apply to my business?”  Consider two perspectives here: 1) if the volume of time spent on social networks is growing rapidly, that means the likelihood of finding your audience on these networks is increasing as well, so you definitely need to include social media in your digital marketing strategy if you haven’t already.  2) with so much of the social network growth being driven by mobile, you need to make certain that your strategy incorporates mobile, too.  Do you need a mobile app?  How about a mobile-friendly view of your Web site for a visitor to land on when they click from your profile in Twitter?  These are the types of questions you need to consider, especially as we turn the corner into 2013!

To read the full article on MarketingProfs, including access to the NM Incite and Neilsen study, click here.