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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking in Atlanta at mRecruiting 2013, the conference for the mobile recruiting industry. I was asked to speak about Google Plus and how it can be used as part of a mobile recruiting strategy. The audience included some of the top recruiters in the country that are seeking the best talent for a wide range of industries and I was excited to talk with them about this powerful social media platform.

What Is Google Plus?

mobile recruiting and Google PlusLaunched in June, 2011, Google Plus is a social layer Google created to add to the existing Google ecosystem. Google doesn’t necessarily consider it to be a social network (though you could easily make an argument that it is), but rather it is a new and interesting way to interact with all that Google has to offer. In my presentation, I focused on the three core parts of the Google Plus platform and talked about how they fit into the mobile recruiting strategy:

  1. The Personal Profile. This is your personal “home” on Google Plus. Your personal profile provides you with access into Google Plus where you can share content, status updates and +1 other content that you like and find interesting.
  2. The Company Page. This is the corporate home on Google Plus. The company profile page takes on the persona of the company, which allows the company to share, update and +1 content. Company profile pages are managed by individuals using their personal profiles, though all activity is shown using the company profile photo.
  3. Google Plus Communities. These are groups of users that gather together around common interests, similar to LinkedIn Groups. These communities can range in topics from SEO to running to travel and more. Communities can be open or closed. Closed communities require your request to join be approved by the moderator.

Using Google Plus in Mobile Recruiting

Recruiters are focused on helping their client (the hiring company) find and acquire the best possible talent for available positions. In some respects, they are on a very tough scavenger hunt. Recruiters have lots of options to help them find candidates, but I shared three specific ways they can use Google Plus to give them an extra advantage in their mobile recruiting strategy.

  1. Join Google Plus and share your company (or client’s) story and unique opportunities. Because Google Plus impacts organic search, I believe that recruiters should create personal AND company profiles and become active on Google Plus as quickly as possible. Being active means listening to and participating in existing discussions (using the G+ search feature). It also means sharing content via the “public” circle. Public circle shares are the status updates that are indexed by Google’s search engine and show as part of the Search Plus Your World (SPYW) results. This means that recruiters can share relevant and interesting content that could show in organic searches performed by their target audience.
  2. Create a Google Plus Community. Communities are a great way to pull together those who share similar interests. During my presentation, I provided the example of recruiters in the bio-technology space. These recruiters should consider starting a bio-tech community (if a suitable one doesn’t already exist) where they can share great content about the bio-tech sector, connect with others interested in bio-tech and build a network of people within this industry. The end result could be a community of people that are potential prospects or are a gateway to potential prospects.
  3. Start a Hangout on Air (HOA) series. HOAs are video discussions that involve up to 10 people at a time, are streamed live to YouTube and are recorded for later playback on other Web sites/social networks. HOAs are very powerful because they use video to bring your content to life. Recruiters should consider staging an HOA series that brings in some of the “big thinkers” within the industry they are recruiting for. An HOA series is a great fit within a Google Plus Community. It is also great content that can be distributed through other social platforms (blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

“But I Don’t Have Enough Time to Create Content for Google Plus”

Toward the end of the presentation, a recruiter in the audience raised an interesting point. He said “I’m a recruiter. I spend a lot of my time looking for people. I think it is better for me to spend time looking for people on Facebook or LinkedIn. I simply don’t have enough time to create content for Google Plus.”

His point is one I hear often. In today’s fractured social media landscape, it is challenging to figure out the right social media time allocation for your business. Some mistakenly frame the choices between networks as an “or,” meaning I can be on Facebook OR Google Plus, but not both. In reality, you need to have a presence on Facebook AND Google Plus. But the direct response to this gentleman’s question is that the people recruiters are searching for are most likely using Google’s search engine. And Google Plus, when put at the center of a solid content marketing strategy, can impact organic search results and put recruiter’s content up in front of a very large audience. This won’t be without effort, but I firmly believe the potential for reward is very high.


It was great to spend some time talking with recruiters about the challenges they face in finding the best candidates and then showing them how they can use Google Plus to strengthen those efforts. I believe those recruiters that grab a hold of Google Plus today as part of their mobile recruiting strategy will be the ones that will succeed in the years ahead as they strive to create great content and connect with their target audience using this platform.

To view the slides from my presentation, check out the embedded Slideshare player above or view them directly on Slideshare. And be sure to add your voice to the conversation by adding a comment below or connecting with me on Google Plus or Twitter!