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Twitter is a great social network, but do you know how to build your Twitter network to get the most from it? With more than 500 million users and about 58 million tweets sent each day, there is a high likelihood that your audience is on Twitter. Your challenge: find them. In this blog post, I’ll show you a Twitter networking strategy I’ve used to find interesting people and make my Twitter stream powerful and helpful.


Who to Follow on Twitter

Following people on Twitter is easy, but knowing the right people to follow is challenging. In the social media bootcamp I teach, I often tell business owners and marketers that “a follow on Twitter is a cheap piece of currency– you’re not making a big investment when you follow someone.” You should follow many people on Twitter so that you can add a lot of great content to your stream. Don’t worry about making a long-term commitment. If you don’t find someone to be interesting on Twitter, you can easily unfollow them. But how do you find the right people to follow on Twitter? I’ve used a simple 3-step Twitter networking strategy for the past few years that has produced a number of great results. Let’s take a look at the steps involved.

3 Step Twitter Networking Strategy

My Twitter networking strategy is purposefully simple. I want to build my network on the work of others by looking at who influences them and determining if those accounts should be a part of my Twitter network. Here are the three steps in my Twitter networking strategy:

  1. Start with a key person, company or news source in your industry. Who is a key name in your industry? It could be a person (business leader, blogger, celebrity, etc.) or a company.  We want to see if they are on Twitter so we can use them as a starting point. Use the search box on Twitter.com and search for them by name. Do you see them in the results? If so, follow the account. Congratulations, you’re on your way!
  2. Examine the accounts that the key person (or company) follows on Twitter. We want to know who influences this person and looking at their “following” list tells us that. Click on their profile and look for the “following” link. Scroll through the list. Do you see anyone interesting? Hopefully, you’ll see several people that are interesting. Follow them and remember, a “follow” is a cheap piece of currency so be certain to follow many people. At this point, you’re starting to lay the foundation for a very powerful Twitter news feed.
  3. Repeat this process. Often. Continue looking at the list of “followings” for each of the accounts that you follow. As you find interesting people, follow them. And then look at who they are following. As long as the contacts look interesting (i.e. they are in your industry/market and seem to share relevant items to your interests on Twitter), follow them. You will amass a powerful Twitter news feed that will bring you a lot of great information on your industry/market and put you in a position to engage with others in your space.

Take the 7 Day Twitter Challenge

Twitter is a participation platform. To get the most out of it, you need to participate in it. You must go further than creating an account and waiting for others to find you. You have to go and find them. To that end, I want to invite you to take a 7-day Twitter challenge. If you will commit to this 3-step Twitter networking strategy for 7 days, I believe you will find that your Twitter account will go from modest to quite powerful, especially once you learn how to engage others on Twitter by sharing great content. Happy tweeting!